Mar 07 2012

Posterous, blogspot, various h…

Category: TweetsChrisM @ 1:31 pm

Posterous, blogspot, various https based services all blocked/technical issues. Slight variation between Megaline (ADSL) & KCell (3G). :-/

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Feb 29 2012

Need to vent…

Category: Kazakhstan,TweetsChrisM @ 8:32 am

Things that have severely tested my patience this morning…

Un-necessary (I think, could be wrong) PPPoE connections configured badly (certain of this point) by Megaline staff that visited in-laws whilst I was in UK. An already flaky connection is further ham-stringed by extra hoops to jump through/fall over.

Posterous (my main media hosting service) blocked here in Kazakhstan. Sorry, I’m assuming this is yet another technical error. Will try and check which elite ex-government member (opposition figures with a clean past are thin on the ground here) now uses the service. Bypassed with Opera, and once I have the url for the image itself, no problem, as posterous use Amazon’s cloud service and isn’t yet blocked/experiencing male cow faeces technical issues.

Google services still blocked in some cases. Using translate link from search results blocked for example. (Using Google Chrome’s auto-translate feature once on a page still working. I’ll check if Google Docs is also still fubarred by incompetence/over-eager censoring later.

note: Kazakhstan is great, and certainly heading towards one of the top 50 countries to live in, globally. The government is superb, makes the right decisions for the right reasons, and no one should ever protest. Any “news” to the contrary is false. Always.

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Jul 05 2010

Working On Last Night’s Pictures And Videos Posts

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:32 pm

I have kept to my promise, and I am in the middle of reorganizing last night’s tweets and Qik-based posts into something a little more readable, manageable, and with the media embedded here on the site, rather than readers having to click over to external sites to look at the pictures and videos. I have learnt that some people don’t seem to want to do this, but are happy to check out the media and comment if it is on this blog already. The twitpics are all done (see below), but I’m still working on the videos. Some had to be deleted (accidental 15 second recordings of chairs and my pockets aren’t interesting, I know), all had to be retitled (Qik still has problems using the text I provide with most recordings to set the title for some reason), and I’m attempting to categorize them into two or three posts at most, rather than have them taking up most of the front page here.

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Jun 07 2010

Live TV Glasses?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 7:47 pm

Although still void of any real content, and a lot more investigation of the theme’s option are needed, I’ve just put a new web site. Is it about 3D TV? No (though a friend is helping with one, so when it is live I’ll try to remember to publish a link).
This new site is an area for me to embed any live streams we create. Whether it be Qik (the system I use for live video feeds from my phone), wCapture (a VERY old webcam broadcasting program which displays on almost all browsers and devices) or WebcamXP (another feature-rich webcam stream program I occasionally use), they will all be available at Merriman Live.
It looks as though the Qik code to display any live streams reverts to the latest archived one if no live feed exists. On a side note, I also discovered that I CAN use higher resolutions that 320×240 for Qik, however they need to be recorded first. As 99.9% of the videos viewed (especially by friends and family) are done so through this blog, and not in real time, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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Nov 02 2009

Lucky21842 Live

Category: VideosChrisM @ 1:43 am

So Lucky is planning to give a live webcast later on today, at around 6pm (our time – should be midday in Britain, 8am on the East Coast in American, and 9pm in Japan?)
Anyway, here is the man himself explaining a little more in a YouTube vid he uploaded on the subject.

I’m going to be teaching an English lesson around that time, but hopefully there’ll be some sort of archive so I can play it back, even if real time interaction is out the window…
So, head over there if you want to ask an American living in Almaty, Kazakhstan what life is like (though he probably answered a lot of your questions in his other YouTube videos, so go and watch a few first 🙂 ).

Oh, the BlogTV URL is here.

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