Sep 08 2010

Painswick Gardens

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As I mentioned in the previous video, Dad, Irina, Anna and I went for a walk around a large garden on the 14th of March. Anna managed to walk around quite a lot of the grounds, the rest of the time we took turns in carrying her. She really seemed to enjoy looking at all the different flora around, and other than the fact that the entrance fee was pretty steep it was a pretty good afternoon out. I am already looking forward to when Anna is a little older, and going back there when she can hopefully appreciate it even more. I’m also hoping we’ll be able to go and visit the tree that was adopted for her. We recorded the exact location via GPS, as well as quite a few photos, so we will be able to point out the exact tree to her 🙂

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Apr 23 2010

Amsterdam Page

Category: AmsterdamChrisM @ 5:27 pm

OK, one more quick post, I have finally got around to starting an Amsterdam specific page. Check the list of pages at the top of this site, or click directly through here.
Firefox and probably other non-IE browsers still show the 2nd widget column below the main content, and there isn’t yet a lot of new information on there, other than links to some GPS POI files I’ve created.

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Mar 25 2010

Smoking Tewksbury’s Audio Problems in Kazakhstan

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 7:33 am

Firstly, to Dick, I’m sorry for not approving and replying to your comment on the Amsterdam GPS post – I haven’t had the time to sort the files for you yet, as they are still on a hard drive in Kazakhstan. I’ll try and get back to you next week. I’m guessing you are the person who searched for “amsterdam coffechop POI” , “amsterdam coffeeshop gpx” and a few other related terms? I was reading through the list of recent searches that bought people to these posts and noticed that Tewksburys Floods (from a few years ago), Kazakhstan, Amsterdam and audio problems involving some Sonic Focus drivers. I really must try applying that update again on my XP install at home sometime. I’ve not broken anything (config wise) in a long time, maybe I shouldn’t push my luck?

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Feb 21 2010

Phones Arriving Soon!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:46 am

My main phone (the HTC TyTn II) and backup phone (HTC Hurricane/Orange C550) were both sent away at the beginning of the week to have a cracked LCD screen replaced, and the joystick on the Hurricane also need replacing, as not being able to move the cursor left, down or up did make text message writing and menu navigation that little bit more difficult. Combined with the fact that we eventually found the code for the car radio (the car required a new battery), and this Monday should see the return of tunes beyond the scope of radio stations, and also GPS, which will help when driving to areas around here that I’m not yet familiar with. Irina’s new laptop battery should be arriving soon, meaning that when we return to Kazakhstan, she may get more than 3 minutes of use without the mains lead attached, before it shuts down! We already upgraded the RAM from one to four gigabytes, so I’m hoping the notebook will have a new lease of life 🙂

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Jun 03 2009

Lost And Found

Category: Personal,Windows MobileChrisM @ 5:11 pm

I had thought that the cracked screen on my main phone would mean at least the loss of access to the data on there, as well as the more obvious inconvenience of losing the use of the phone for audio communications, internet access on the move, the GPS and the camera for tweets etc.
The main reason for my thinking this was that I was unable to enter the PIN when turning the phone on, and didn’t want to stab at the screen randomly, in case I ended up locking myself out completely. See below for a shot of how my phone normally looks, and then how it now looks. See the ‘Should Have Dug‘ post for info on how the screen was smashed.

How It Should Look

How It Should Look

What It Actually Looks Like

What It Actually Looks Like

However, I finally remembered I had a keyboard built into the phone D'oh
Using this method of input, I was able to get the phone to the point where I could happily remote in and use a window on the PC as the phone’s visual output. I’ve also backed up and synced all the updated contacts and calendar events, so should I not be able to replace the screen sometime, I’ve not lost all the data. Apart from a few open files, all the data from the phone’s memory is also now residing on one of the hard drives here.

So… that is one lost and found (phone data), onto the next – Anna’s photos. Whilst waiting for some downloads last night, I searched through Ira’s laptop and found quite a few photos from our camera that I had not also backed up on my hard drives. This means that over the coming weeks there will be fresh photos of Anna for family and friends back in Britain (and Israel, Australia, America, over here in Kazakhstan), and Germany can see how Anna has been growing since the last batch of photos.

Finally, I need to check why the Xbox posts are not appearing in a timely manner, and when they do arrive, sometimes out of order. For now, I’m just manually adjusting the time stamps accordingly.
xbox not picking up posts

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May 20 2009

Forgot To Include GPS Link Previously

Category: Anna's Photos,Kazakhstan,TweetsChrisM @ 8:43 am

Forgot 2incl GPS link previously. Feel free 2click & have a look around our Kazakh neighbourhood.

Anna In Her Pram With Dragonfly

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Apr 04 2009

Park By The Pub With A Crazy Golf Course

Category: Anna's Photos,PersonalChrisM @ 9:02 pm

4th April – I’ll try and remember to update this post’s title when I discover the real name for the park in Swansea. I think I tweeted from there, and possibly originally included a snapshot from my phone and the GPS location. Anyway, Irina and I originally visited this area (Sketty Lane? Rd?) a few years ago, and wanted to take Anna there before we left for Kazakhstan. You can’t quite walk right around the little pond there unless the sun has dried out the muddy patches, but Gwen enjoyed the trip, and we popped over the road to see the beach before we left. Which reminds me, if anyone found our cute little baby toy, that can be suspended from a pram’s handle, in the area, let me know 🙁

It looks as though there weren’t any photos taken on Irina’s camera for another three weeks. I’m guessing Anna’s immunizations, drop in clinics, my and John’s 30th and 60th birthdays, preparations for moving to Kazakhstan and other assorted distractions kept us from taking many shots. Or I just forgot to copy them over from the memory card. Anyway, one more post to go before I’ve emptied the hard drive of Anna Photos. This batch of posts were originally written around 16th/17th May, and scheduled for publishing over a week or so, to ensure people had a chance to see the pictures before they dropped off the bottom of the first page, and also as a rather blatant attempt to encourage people to become regular visitors here 🙂

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Mar 27 2009

Anna’s Adopted Tree And Torchwood

Category: Anna's Photos,PersonalChrisM @ 6:15 pm

Dad came over again to see Anna on the 27th March, and we went to pick a tree in a newly planted forest-to-be that Anna’s Great Aunty Chris (on Dad’s side) had adopted on her behalf. After we all managed to meet up (which reminds me, I still need to find a good recommendation for a GPS unit for Dad), we took Anna’s pushchair off the beaten track for the first time, and found the saplings (is that the right term? Baby trees basically). Having marked off the exact point on TomTom, we took a few photos, went for a walk around the countryside in that area, and then went off to find a nice place to have a pub lunch. After that we headed into Cardiff, as despite family living there, Irina and I hadn’t been around the city at all, and I’d not been to the bay area at all since it has been redeveloped. Once there, we had to take the obligatory photos next to one of the fictional entrances to the Torchwood Institute, went for another wander, then had a nice drink by the sea.
In years to come, I hope we can take Anna back to the forest, and show her the tree slowly maturing into a unique feature, just as she will 🙂

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Mar 23 2009

Port Talbot Railway Station

Category: Friends,Pictures,TweetsChrisM @ 6:37 pm

Port Talbot Railway Station saying goodbye to Seb. shot out of windscreen.gps link test as well Continue reading “Port Talbot Railway Station”

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Feb 11 2009

Amsterdam 2008 Photos #2

Category: Amsterdam,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 1:25 am

Here we have landed a day late in Amsterdam, and met a couple of fellow forum visitors. Birthday presents were given, and this day seemed to be going a lot better than the day before, and it wasn’t even midday yet! We hopped on a tram to the general area of the apartment, and used GPS for the last few minutes walk. The last shot was how the rest of the world looked once we had arrived inside the flat and met the nice man Paul.
Continue reading “Amsterdam 2008 Photos #2”

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