Sep 20 2009


ChrisM @ 6:14 pm

These are pages that sometimes make me laugh, other times are enough to prevent boredom from setting in too fast. Roughly in the order of predominantly funny to worth checking occasionally…

XKCD – Web Comic that is consistently funny. Geeks likely to appreciate it a little more 🙂
I Can Has Cheez Burger – Cats. Pictures of cats. Pictures of cats with captions. Might not be your cup of tea if you’re not a pet person.
I Has A Hotdog – Like I Can Has Cheez Burger but with dogs and other animals.
There I Fixed It – Bodge it. Snap it. Post it.
Pundit Kitchen – News related photos with captions.
Probably Bad News – Journalists making mistakes.
Item Not As Described – Weird and unsavoury items found in the classifieds (often ‘free’ and sourced from CraigsList).
ROFL Razzi – Celebrity photos with captions.
This Is Photo Bomb – Basically someone appears in a shot who isn’t supposed to. Funnier than this description makes it sound.
Awkward Family Moments – A bit hit and miss. Photos from the last few decades where the poses are contrived, and the families a little weird.
Up Next In Sports – Sports photos with funny-ish captions.
Once Upon A Win – Nostalgia. Not comedy, but reminiscing about toys and sweets from your childhood.
Graph Jam – Also hit and miss, this site attempts to tell jokes in the form of a graph. Sometimes the material isn’t funny, other times people don’t seem to know what sort of graph could be used.
Engrish Funny – Spelling mistakes, normally from countries where English is a second (at most) language.
Totally Looks Like – Look-a-likes, in the vein of those found in the Letters page of Private Eye.

So why post them all? Although a lot of them link to each other in their headers, some aren’t in the same group and I always forget the exact address. I’ll add more when I get back to our home PC.

Abstruse Goose
Picture Is Unrelated
Passive Aggressive Notes
Lovely Listing
My First Fail
Hawtness – now including Pwned On Camera posts (Pwned. Like owned, but spelt in a l33t way. People caught acting inappropriately on camera.)
E-Mails From Crazy People
It Made My Day
That Will Buff Out
People Of Walmart

Poorly Dressed
The Chive
College Humour

ChatRoulette Trolling
M Thru F