Apr 10 2008

Kazakhstan 101

ChrisM @ 3:53 am

This page is for people who would like to learn a little more about Kazakhstan. It is mainly an area to point to older posts I wrote when I first started this blog. Our friend, AlexC, suggested it, as she was too lazy unable to find the older posts easily.

The very first post on Kazakhstan. Well, more on the blog itself, but it is a good a place to start as any.

Here we have a little more on the country – arrival in, and walking around

You drinking, other people driving – I’m hoping the title gives away the content on this one…

Next we have more information on the type of driving often found in Kazakhstan

For people wondering how much spending money to bring with them, this post explains how much a typical meal or drink out (rarely separated in this country) costs

Flights to Kazakhstan, and a little info on the visa process can be found here

The last of the early posts on Kazakhstan, this one is a few random observations on Kazakhstan

An alternative look at life in Kazakhstan, by Mum & John (in the form of an e-mail they sent out whilst here)

The last of the highlighted posts, this one is on the poor state of milk in Kazakhstan, especially in the summer. Why have I chosen this one? I believe Walton commented on this post when we first got in contact, also we are getting back into summer as I write this page, which means buying milk will be a little more like Russian roulette again 🙁

Finally, if you would like to read a few facts and figures regarding Kazakhstan, I’d recommend checking out the CIA Factsheet on Kazakhstan
and perhaps Wiki‘s entry on the country.