May 07 2007

I Got Lucky!

ChrisM @ 2:23 pm

This is a page I’ve set aside to monitor search phrases that this site is ranked #1 for. Some of the phrases require a ” at either end, others are just natural searches.

Over time, rankings may change, but if someone enters a search phrase on Google, this site is the first result returned, and they then end up here, the wp-GotLucky plugin e-mails me the phrase…
If there is no link next to the search phrase, I only received as the page that the Google search returned to the person.

borat which parts where scripted
The government in Astana has secured a multi-million dollar loan from the World Bank to help save the Aral Sea – Kazakhs get loan to save Aral Seawho searches with a phrase that long?
west wing china clip – West Wing Video Clip
???.westwingguide.??? – their site is just adverts now anyway
Astana Market Analysis
borat in parts
Tips to save the sea>
Tips for behaviors in Kazakhstan
How much is a meal in kazakhstan compared to britain
astana adsl
astana dust storm – Dust Storm
ATYRAU DUSTSTORM PHOTO – nope, nothing like that here, sorry to the person who arrived here from that. Hope you found something else of interest.
desserts of kazakh meal
nights out kazakhstan – The Last Templar
the west wing clip video homepage – West Wing Video Clip
Kazakh Embassy jobs – UK Searches For Kazakhstan
Karra Cactus – Karra The Screen Blocker
tornado caspian sea – Tornado near the Caspian Sea 7th June 2007and many variants of the same phrase
Assel Astana – Kazakhstan 101
Pedalo photo – Pedalo Photo
Ali Baba restaurant, Astana – Fountains And Horse Milk
muska skynews
kara muska – My 3 Girls Zonked Out…
Astana dust
Astana “war memorial” – Pedalo Photo
get well soon in russian – Get Well Soon

card maestro on the kazakhstan

Chris Merriman – Kazakh Blog
Christopher Merriman – Kazakh Blog
Merriman, Chris – Kazakh Blog

gloucesterhire floods – Eagle Eyed Ira Spots Flooding (Pictures)
morten in marsh floods – Britain Suffers From Flooding
floods 2007 cheltenham – Eagle Eyed Ira Spots Flooding (Pictures)
floods bourton picture – Eagle Eyed Ira Spots Flooding (Pictures)
bourton on the water flood pictures – Eagle Eyed Ira Spots Flooding (Pictures)
flood webcams – Glos Flood Webcams
Flood pictures in tewksbury and gloucester – Glos Flood Webcams
any pictures of Tewksbury floods – Eagle Eyed Ira Spots Flooding (Pictures)
tewksbury flooding – Glos Flood Webcams
tewksbury flooding satellite pictures – BBC Reports On Gloucesterhire Flooding
tewksbury flood photos july 2007 – Eagle Eyed Ira Spots Flooding (Pictures)
tewksbury flooding image – Eagle Eyed Ira Spots Flooding (Pictures)
pictures of tewksbury flooding – This Blog’s Picture Category
tewksbury flood video – Glos Flood Webcams
tewksbury flooding webcam – Glos Flood Webcams
webcam glos tewksbury – Glos Flood Webcams
tewksbury england webcam – Glos Flood Webcams
webcams tewksbury – Glos Flood Webcams
You Tube Tewksbury floods – Glos Flood Webcams

presents for nick – Birthday Presents for Nick & Customer Relations

what is a fascist anarchist? – Capitalist / Socialist / Fascist / Anarchist…Surely an oxymoron ?

cat listening to hip hop – Cats & Their Music Tastes…

“alan johnston” video “released to” – Alan Johnston Video Released

uk smokers unite – Smokers Unite

sony 42w2000 – System SpecificationsI mistyped out my TV model number, it is actually a Sony KDL 40W2000

acid ran pictures

Janet_Gyamfuah – Had the start of a 419 scam via SkypeSkype nick of a possible 419 scammer

17 Screen Blockers – Karra The Screen Blocker

rabbit sreviews – Snake Scared by Rabid Rabbit
rabbit’sreviews – Snake Scared by Rabid Rabbit

zanya etheridge – Pate’s Reunion – Class of 1997
zanya-etheridge – Pate’s Reunion – Class of 1997
pates reunion cheltenham – Prince Harry In Cheltenham
jo swale – You Can Now Subscribe To Comments!

the gray area dynu – The Grey Area – New URLAmerican Spelling of Grey
the grey area tga – The Grey Area – New URL
THe Grey area Sytes – The Grey Area – New URL – The Grey Area – New URL

stephen lambert rdf queen July 27 – Queen Tape Gaffe – Taking The Blame

walton spat spittoon company – Spitoons

Orangutan communication NOT PROVEN

“monopoly ” directx.ini – Monopolybizarre usage of quotation marks in the search term there

fart dragon site – The Dragon Fart T-Shirt Has Arrived

tomtom how to get to schiphol airport – This Blog’s Amsterdam Category Of Posts
amsterdam poi gps – Any Interest In GPS POI For Amsterdam?They wanted it, but didn’t leave a comment?

arthur C. clarke, sunstorm, “free book” – All Consuming
butcher baker and candlestick maker-nursery rhyme – This Blog’s 2nd Page of the Books Category

Until I get the plugin working again, this page won’t have any new updates…

UPDATE 28/02/2008 – Plugin mostly working, records once again being kept. Will try and update soon, once I have finished other tasks on this and other sites.