Apr 16 2007


ChrisM @ 3:01 pm

This page is basically used to store information, and code that I have removed from this site’s index page.

It may be that the use of scripts increases the load time unacceptably, or that the information retrieved isn’t necessarily suitable for the main page. (That is in terms of relevancy, not in terms of adult orientated content :>).
However, for one reason or another, I’d still like this information to be accessible, so here it is…

First, we have allconsuming.net‘s list of books that I’ve read or am currently reading.
I really like the plugin for this from Ali Hassan, but AllConsuming’s servers simply take too long to respond sometimes, which placed an unacceptable delay on the home page.

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Finally, we have a list of the all plugins currently installed and active on this blog. I’ve had to remove it from the main page, as it was adding an excessive amount of outbound links (OBL) there…

I have removed some of the content from this page, as I suspected some of the required plugins were causing issues on other pages.