Jun 01 2007

You know you’ve been in Kazakhstan too long if…

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Quite a funny list – a few of them apply to Almaty (the old capital) more than Astana. Here is a small extract, see below for the link to the original and full list.

…you think that car seats for kids are only used by overprotective parents with OCD.

…you find a recently cleaned street rather empty.

…you get scared/worried when the checkout lady smiles at you.

…you buy several of certain things in the supermarket because you expect a shortage.

…sitting in a car you think that pedestrians are careless maniacs jumping onto the crossing when the light is green for them.

…you forget something but unable to force yourself to go to the house with shoes on in spite of being in a hurry.

Have a read from the original – Bogar Harrison’s move to Kazakhstan , then check out her other posts, if you have not been there before…

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