May 30 2007

You Can Now Subscribe To Comments!

Category: Friends,Personal,WordPressChrisM @ 1:03 am

Just a quick note to let you know that courtesy of the Subscribe To Comments v2.1 Plug In, you can now be e-mailed whenever someone replies to a post that interests you.

Of course, you could always subscribe to this blog’s RSS feeds (Yep that big orange button on the right is for the feed of posts, and you can also subscribe to the comments feed). However, some people are not yet comfortable with feeds, and others may simply only want to be notified when comments are made on the posts that interest them.

Anyway, give it a try the next time you leave me a comment (oh yeah, Dad, Nick, Alex Clarke, Seb & Con, Balzhan, Chris Barry, Christina, Dana & Asen, Emma F, Gavin, Jo Swale (neé Yates), Kate (she who must be obeyed), Keith, Natalya K., Ramon, Tom, Tanya & Steve you are all VERY naughty… I know most of you have occasionally checked the blog out, but haven’t yet left a comment! It really is very simple, and it reminds me that you still check in here) ChrisD gets a special mention for commenting once in a blue moon, and still having not posted his comments on his last trip to Kazakhstan, some 6 months later. He is hopefully coming over again this year, some time after Alex C.
So you miscreants are being e-mailed a link to this post, to remind you I’m still here 🙂 I’m hoping some of your e-mail accounts don’t have over-active spam filters.

PS This post isn’t sponsored, I’d been looking for a plug in with this sort of functionality, without any need to modify the theme’s files.

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