May 13 2008

Wrinkly Teens Rejoicing

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 12:47 am

At least those that smoke and live in Japan they are…
The BBC have a report on how Japanese cigarette vending machine companies are coping with a new law. (Did you know you have to be over 20 to buy fags there?!?). Anyway, pretty soon, any companies responsible for selling tobacco products to under age consumers can be fined, even if the sale is automatic, rather than in a shop with a real live sales assistant.

Young Addict

The idea is that onboard cameras will check the face of the purchaser, and if they don’t have the right sags, wrinkles and facial structure of someone who is at least 20, the machine will ask for ID to approve the sale. This does raise the question of how the machine would ever know if one (old looking) person in a young group was to purchase multiple packs for their baby-faced friends, but it is a start…

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