Oct 31 2008

Wouldn’t You?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 4:38 am

Wouldn’t you want your leg back? Let me explain, someone (during the last 28 years, it would appear, at least if I’ve read this article correctly) lost their prosthetic leg whilst on a ride (the Corkscrew rollercoaster) at Alton Towers.

False Leg

Now I can easily imagine that the loss of a cheap digital watch, a few coins or maybe even an old baseball cap wouldn’t trouble you too greatly, but if you suddenly find yourself sans one limb, wouldn’t you want to speak to the park’s staff, and ask them to find it for you?

Corkscrew Rollercoaster Alton Towers

Anyway, the roller coaster itself is being closed down in 9 days, so I’ll not be able to get there in time, but if anyone is heading there for last go, do let us know.

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