Dec 20 2009

WordPress 2.9 Scheduled Post Problems

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 11:21 am

Upgraded all my blogs to WordPress 2.9 last night, and took the opportunity to also update a handful of plugins on each site. Only one problem so far – scheduled posts are missed. That is to say that any posts I’ve written, and published with a date in the future are not made live once the correct time has passed.
Trimming my ping list down to just pingomatic did not help, neither did temporarily disabling all plugins active on this blog. Turns out I’m not alone in finding errors with posts that are scheduled – see this WordPress support thread. There are two options until a fix, and hopefully 2.9.1 is released – either goto the Edit page that lists all posts, and click the Quick Edit option for the missed post (then change the post status to Published), OR use the MIA plugin mentioned in that support thread. I’ve not tried the plugin myself, though others have reported success. For now, as I only have 3 posts scheduled to publish in the near future, I’ve used the Quick Edit route instead (editing the post directly does not allow you to change the status to Published, you’ll need to do it from the Quick Edit option within the Edit page for all posts.)

I’m a little bit surprised that this problem wasn’t detected with beta and RC1 testers, unless some last minute code changes were implemented?

OK, looks like you might need to register at that site to download the plugin, and I was unable to leave a comment there as Comment Guardian apparently thought it was spammy. It also reported that Javascript or cookies weren’t enabled, which surprised me.
Anyway, I was trying to leave the following…

Until WordPress 2.9.1 is hopefully released, I imagine you’ll be getting a fair amount of new traffic to this post 🙂
Scheduled posts seem to be a problem for many 2.9 users.

Weird, my comment was detected as spam by Comment Guardian the first time, wonder if this one will get through? In case it makes any difference, I used RoboForm 2 Go to fill in the Name/Mail/Site boxes the first time – entered them manually this time around.