Dec 05 2007

Winamp 5.5

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 6:31 pm

I noticed that my favourite media player had been updated, so decided to download the installer, and see what had changed. Although this won’t effect other people, the best change for me is that the shortcut keys now work again. I had previously installed new versions, to find that Z,X,C,V,B etc. still didn’t operate as intended. After a lot of poking around INI files etc., I was resigned to having lost the convenient shortcuts forever.
The ID3 tag fixer looks like it could be quite useful, as I know that many of the 21,000 tracks (around 2.5 months of non-stop music) on the hard drive do not hold proper details of album, year made etc. My thanks to Gavin for introducing me to Winamp way back in 97/98, and the nullsoft team for coming up with it (the sooner everyone forgets about v3, the better 🙂 ).
I was going to link to Winamp, but then realised that PPP reviewers could see it as a sponsored post, so instead, type in www. then winamp , then add .com , and you’ll get there. Or if that sounds like too much hard work, just typing in winamp, then press Ctrl+Enter on your keyboard 🙂