May 04 2007

Why Should You Care That…

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 6:56 pm

09 is the atomic number of fluorine

F9 Flying Fortress is a spying version of the B-17 plane

11 years is the average length of a sunspot cycle

02 when pronounced in cantonese sounds like ‘easy’

9D a common abbreviation for 9 days

74 is the bus you should take to get from Halewood to Liverpool Town Centre

E3 is an abbreviation for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, an event I would like to visit one day

5B was part of a classified series of US Vela satellites

D8 is airline code for Djibouti Airlines

41 is the international dialling code for Switzerland

56 ‘yeahs’ are sung by Michael Stipe in the REM Song “Man On The Moon”

C5 was a much maligned electric moped made by Clive Sinclair’s company

63 chromosomes can be found in the baby of a horse and donkey

56 men signed the United States Declaration of Independence

88 keys are found on a piano

C0 if misspelt, can mean carbon monoxide

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