Dec 12 2007

Whoops He Did It Again…

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 2:47 am

I found an article that caught my attention, due to its extensive research, thought provoking issues raised, and the interesting conclusion reached.
Then I thought ‘sod it’, and decided to link to the above story instead… Yep, an OAP from Nick’s end of the country has been banned from passing any more wind at his S&S (sports and social) club. We once had a similar rule in our house, as someone other than me, who shall remain nameless was infamous for wandering into a room, farting loudly, then running away laughing. Not the most pleasant of experiences, unless you had a good sense of humour, a bunged up nose from a cold, and had not just eaten. Anyway, that person is now reformed, so perhaps there is hope for Mr Fox?

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