May 12 2007

Whether The Weather Will Settle Down

Category: Kazakhstan,Personal,Pictures,WeatherChrisM @ 6:44 pm

OK, so as I previously mentioned the weather has been a little changeable recently, however this week saw even more contrasts. First we had weather where you could walk around in t-shirt and shorts again, almost time to start retrieving the sun-block from the back of the cupboard. Nice.
Then, it starts to snow again! Having had such (relatively) high temperatures just previously, the snow obviously didn’t settle. I’m just hoping the weather is just getting all the gunge out of its system before Alex arrives, towards the end of June. She has hopefully sent off the form to get her visa, so we’re all really looking forward to her visit 🙂
Just hoping we don’t have weather like this when she gets here…

Sun Snow

OK, I’ve just looked at the picture properly, and you can’t really tell it was snowing, but trust me, they were proper, big snowflakes!