Jun 09 2009

Walking The In-Laws Halfway Home

Category: Anna's Photos,PersonalChrisM @ 3:08 am

Anna’s Babushka and Dedushka hadn’t seen Anna in a while, so they popped over to see us on the 9th June. (Why am I putting the dates these pictures were taken on each of the posts in the Anna’s Photos category? Basically the published date will be altered in the future, to reflect the date they are taken, before I import the post to Anna’s site. To save me re-looking each one up on the hard drive, I’m including the date in the text. This also means that friends and family can have a good idea of Anna’s progress over the weeks, as right now we are still just over seven weeks behind realtime photos. I’m trying to explain this every now and then, in case you haven’t seen the older photos yet.)
So, anyway, when it was time for the in-laws to go home, we decided to combine it with our daily fresh air for Anna walk. We crossed the road at the nice pedestrian crossing (meaning we would be walking next to the park, see 1st photo), rather than risk the zebra crossing or weird traffic light crossing further down the road, and went via the salt water aquarium place (Duman). Stopping for a sit down, the 2nd picture was taken.