Jun 04 2007

Virtual Dress Up Dolls

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If you have a daughter, or young niece, you may want to check out the service offered at webkinz. The main concept is taken from dressing up dolls that many girls play with. One of the problems with this conventional manner of playing with dolls is the prohibitive cost of buying new dresses, tops and accessories for the dolls.

So, Cartoon Doll Emporium have digitized the whole process – your child simply chooses the base doll they want to work and play with, and the page then loads up all the options available.
Although the site is aimed at the ‘tweenie’ sector of the market, they have included some dolls that older girls may be interested in, for example see the doll I created below.

Virtual Dress Up Dolls

For the most part, the site is well constructed, though small children may well find it easier to move the clothing and accessories when viewing the site via Internet Explorer, rather than FireFox. If the item is further down the page than the doll, you need to drop the item, scroll up, pick it up and then drop it again, though this is probably unavoidable – the only way to make it all fit on one page would be to user smaller images, which wouldn’t be as interesting.

The final result can be saved, linked to and as you can see from above, referred to as an online image. If your daughter/niece has had enough of dressing dolls for one day, the site features other activities to keep themselves interested.

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