Jan 21 2010

Video Hosting Needs In The Future

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:28 am

It looks as though the video I received a warning about (Anna dancing at Christmas time) won’t be removed, or have the audio track modified. I’m guessing an actual human checked it out, rather than just the initial song recognition process that was most likely fully automated. This is now my second account with them, as the first was removed due to issues with short clips of BBC programs. I never did get around to check whether fair use was a legitimate defence or not, but I am now certain that if I ever decide to use video for business purposes that I will need to check out the competition as well.

When I originally set this site up, I simply stored the videos on my own servers, and had little flash scripts to stream them. This was back when I had maybe 80 unique visitors a week, and even that took me over my initial bandwidth limits a couple of times. Having done a little research online, I discovered that for getting the background information on how others use Video Wikipedia had a lot of useful information. The ability to upload a file once to someone else’s server, and then not worry about my own web sites’ servers exceeding their limits, and also have a system in place already to check visitor statistics, video popularities etc. was an improvement.

However, to take it to a professional level, where profits are on the line, I would need to take other factors into account, and start looking for more features. I looked over a few companies’ approaches, including viddler, and if the time gets closer for me to go professional, I’ll probably make sure I choose a company that offers a free service, to get a feel for it. It would be nice to move to a community sometime that unlike YT, doesn’t feature so heavily with teenagers leaving badly spelt simplistic or ignorant comments 🙂