Mar 17 2009

Twitter / Tweet Related Links

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:29 am

A couple of links that have been sat in open Firefox tabs for almost a week now. I need some sleep soon, so once again, please forgive the lack of accompanying text…

Best 80 tweets of February 2009 can allegedly be found here. Some of them made me laugh, others made me go and follow the original authors 🙂

Twitscoop – If you’ve seen a tag cloud before on a site/blog (like the one in the first sidebar here), you’ll get the idea. Basically, a constantly updated graphical display of what people are talking (via twitter, so in fact ‘tweeting’) about, like a list of hot topics. Link here.

Oh, and if you’re not sure what Twitter is, or how you tweet, or Wikipedia’s page on twitter would be a good place to start.

Just been reading through the Wiki, and it is possible that Twitscoop uses any hashtags present in tweets, rather than scanning each and every message in its entirety.

For any smart arses out there, no I didn’t forget to place this post in the Tweets category – if I’d done that it would appear as an ‘aside’ in this blog, rather than a normal post 🙂

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