Oct 29 2007

Try New Hair Styles Without The Cost Or Fear Factor!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 9:05 pm

Ever wondered what you might look like with a completely different hairstyle, but been too afraid to take the plunge and actually have your hair chopped and/or coloured? If so, check the preceding link for a site that offers you the opportunity to experiment with your look, without the expense or potential tears if things don’t look as you may have imagined.
The idea is quite simple, and if you promise not to laugh too excessively, I will even show you the result of just what I would look like with a hair cut quite different from my current one. (OK, I’d also need to have hair implants to achieve the look, but there you go…)
You start by uploading a photo of yourself, and then proceed to indicate to the system just where your eyes are in the picture, as well as the outline of your lips etc. Once this process is complete, you get to the fun section – choosing which star’s haircut you want to emulate, and then get to see how it would look on you.
The best part? You can try out the system for free, with the only real restriction being that not all hair styles are available.
Anyway, have you promised not to laugh too much yet???

Chris With Different Hair

There you go, that is what I would look like with Dominic Monaghan’s (the guy I’ve blogged about before, who was in Hetty Wainthroppe and then Lost) hair on my head. For those that missed the original post, here is a little montage of my appearance over the last 14 years or so… (And yes, there are no suitable photos of me with long hair included there…)

Chris Over The Years