Sep 07 2007

Trust Us – This IS Best For You…

Category: Aware Or Conspiracy Nut...,In The MediaChrisM @ 4:35 am

The technology is amazing. The possibilities can be mind blowing. There is no need to worry.
Only two of the above unfortunately apply in the real world. If we could have complete faith that there were no crooked police officers, scientists or even just lab tech, then perhaps all three would be true…

So what am I talking about? A judge has recently proclaimed that the entire population of Britain should have their DNA recorded and stored on a central database, to ensure that more crimes can be solved, ergo more dangerous criminals locked away, and hopefully rehabilitated.

Sadly, this system is not infallible, and I truly believe that if judges and juries (don’t even get me started on the moves for some cases to be tried with NO jury!) come to rely on DNA evidence as a primary indicator of guilt in more and more cases, that investigators of crimes will take the most efficient path to ensuring prosecutions. This will not mean that guilty people will go to prison, necessarily. I believe it will slowly illuminate more issues with the technology involved. In the same way that fingerprints can be relatively planted on a scene, indicating that someone was present at a crime scene, even when they were counties away, leaving DNA samples from a person is not going to be too difficult.

The principle is sound, in an ideal world. In this world we live in, I can not see this as being a sound move.

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