Nov 28 2009

Trucked Off

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 11:30 pm

Wow, the whole front page is, until this post, made up of recent tweets. Sorry about the lack of real content. I’ve got a few more Anna videos to post, and a few photos to sort as well. So what has happened since the last real post? Aunty Sveta and her family returned to their home town (most of them went on the train, but my the Best Man from my wedding has bought a lorry, and happened to be in Astana for a delivery. He obviously couldn’t leave it here, so drove it back. At least we know what we can get him for his next birthday, some (semi-(if you’re an American reader)) truck accessories seem quite apt, I especially like the idea of a 12V pizza oven! I’m guessing that this (and the coffee maker) are supposed to be used when not actually driving? Anyway, all seemed well with them, and it was good to see them once more this year.
As mentioned in a previous tweet, we had some friends over for a meal last night, and we managed to save some of the death by chocolate cake for Ira’s parents to try today. They both seemed to like it 🙂

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