May 15 2007

Time’s Eye (A Time Odyssey)

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Time’s Eye (A Time Odyssey) – Arthur C. Clarke

Featuring the writing talents of Stephen Baxter. I’m not sure whether this is a true 50/50 partnership, or whether Stephen Baxter does the writing, and Arthur C Clarke provides the idea and plot outline. In either case, I have to admit I slightly preferred this form, compared to Clarke’s more well known classics.

It may just be the style is now more modern, or possibly even dumbed down, but whatever the reason, I actually felt more drawn in by both this and the sequel (Sunstorm). The main theme covered is time travel, though not quite in the normal way it is used in other books. A cataclysmic event takes place on Earth, which results in multiple ‘slices’ of time physically sitting next to each other. I’ve probably not explained that very well, sorry. Imagine a plot of land, pre-disaster, all sitting in the same place, geographically & time wise. Now a few minutes later, you find a strip of land next to you is actually from a hundred, or even thousands of years ago. Weird, but not too scary? Now imagine that whatever was on that land in the past, is now with you in the present! (Though you could probably argue semantics over the use of the word present.)

So, now you have people from a massive span in time all lumped together, with a lot of potential for dischord and even war. However, don’t forget the outside influence as well – humans are not the only life forms involved in this story!

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