Feb 25 2011

This Month You Have Been Searching For…

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:19 pm

As we are almost at the end of February, I wanted to check the options page for SEO SearchTerms 2 and see what people were searching for when they arrived at this site from a search engine.
This month’s most popular term was a newcomer – “happy birthday brother”, with more than a couple of hundred hits. I am assuming there were looking for images, rather than specifically checking my post congratulating Nick?
Then we have the ever popular “skinny dipping tube” with 150+ people being very disappointed when they arrived on a page that related the old news story about a Japanese incident involving an old man. Close behind that was “sonic focus drivers must be loaded” with almost 130 hits, then “Guns and roses Astana” with almost a couple of people a day checking for information they couldn’t find on G&R’s own site.
Finally with just a handful each, were “russian rhymes”, “failblog amsterdam”, “furry feline”, “weather in astana march”, “core player for htc tytn II” and “were to find Burger King in Astana”. I’m guessing that last one was supposed to be “where” and not “were”. As far as I know, btw, there aren’t yet any Burger Kings in Astana. We have a TGI Friday, a few Rostic KFCs and some Turkish fast food joints that come close to the Western idea of incredibly unhealthy food served in a not-too-slow manner, thrown down your throat to induce a short-lived high.