May 01 2007

The World According To Clarkson

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The World According To Clarkson – Jeremy Clarkson

Although this book may at first seem quite like the other Clarkson books I’ve reviewed here, if you like his style, you probably won’t regret buying this book, as not many ideas are repeated. If you don’t like his style of writing, I’m assuming you wouldn’t buy this book in the first place, so I’ll not worry about that section of my readers too much ;>

Some of the style of writing is carried over from ‘Clarkson on Cars’, but this is hardly surprising, as Jeremy started his life as a newspaper (Motoring) journalist, HOWEVER, this books mainly concentrates on the world at large, not so much on the motors.

The World According… is a much more recent book, so if you found the Clarkson oon Cars to be a little dated, fear not, you won’t find many things to dislike here. Jeremy takes a look at all things in life that either annoy him, or simply hold his attention a little longer than most. Althought he format is slightly constricted, due to the book basically being a collection of articles he wrote for the Sunday Times, as I didn’t read that paper in Britain, I didn’t find myself frustrated at having read anything before.

Subjects covered vary from the sad ending to Concorde’s career to why you shouldn’t trust a man with a beard. As the majority of subjects covered are from newspaper articles, each is only a couple of pages long, so you can easily read this in little sections, so ideal for a plane journey, toilet reading or just something by the bedside table.

To summarize, if you like Jeremy Clarkson, and DON’T read the Sunday Times, yes, I’d recommend this book.

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