Jul 18 2007

The Grey Area – New URL

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 10:26 am

I know I have previously hooked up some of my friends and blog readers with the The Grey Area forum, run by SloppyGoat .
In case you had not yet noticed, the address has now changed – it used to have a ‘dynu’ address, but due to that company have severe technical issues, you can now find The Grey Area at http://tga.sytes.net .
If you have previously registered there, you should have received an e-mail informing you of the new address, however if you have since changed e-mail addresses, you will need to login and update it.
The forum covers Tweaking (I first came across the community in it’s TweakFiles days), Hardware / Software / Operating System / Networking & Audio/Video issues, as well as a healthy spattering of general chit chat.

PS This is NOT a sponsored post, I just wanted to inform people of the new address of this old favourite of mine.

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