Apr 01 2013

Tangents Are Fun To Follow

Category: Personal,VideosChrisM @ 6:55 pm

And so the latest artist to pop into my random clicking? E-dubble

The Freestyle Friday tracks display a rawer talent, and perhaps my predilection for rap/hip-hop that isn’t all about bee-atches and guns.

Whilst I have your attention, if you have ever enjoyed any of the Rap Battle News embeds on this blog, you may just find this WordPress-based video of interest.

Or not. But if you get a few spare minutes, please do check both of these videos out. Take the mick and/or ignore them forever more, but I like the style, and check the URL here – ChrisMerriman.com – in years past, I posted a lot about Kazakhstan, Windows Mobile apps & custom ROMs and conspiracy theories. If you’re still here, then maybe you occasionally enjoy the randomness and find some things of interest?

Oh, I almost forgot, e-dubble’s site can be found here.