Jan 31 2012

Nick’s Wedding

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I didn’t include these in the August post from last month, as there are a lot. We came back to Britain in time to be at Nick (my brother) and Roz’s wedding. It was down in Cornwall, where they live, so a very beautifully pregnant Irina, Anna, myself, Mum & John went for a holiday in a cottage near Falmouth, giving us plenty of time to see them and unwind in the Summer sun. I think it was our first week long holiday since Dubai back in 2003 (money that would otherwise be saved for vacations tends to pay for plane tickets between Britain and Kazakhstan), so it was very refreshing to break the routine. Anyway, enough typing for now, here are the pictures. I’ll try to caption July & August’s photo galleries soon.

Too many photos to label them all, feel free to ask questions about any that interest you.

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Jun 10 2010

Troublesome Poles

Category: VideosChrisM @ 11:23 am

Does anyone know for sure whether the following video is a fake/staged set up or not? I do not remember ever hearing of a wedding that included a pole dancing kit, perhaps this is the reason why?

Some of the shots and angles just seem too convenient, and only the bride (at least only she appears to) having a bloody nose just doesn’t feel genuine. I wish there was some sort of TinEye image search equivalent for videos, does anyone know of a service like that?

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