Oct 28 2009

Wow. Pretty. Wonder What That Does?

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 11:27 pm

Due to an ongoing problem with an auto-tagger plugin I use (it only seems to work if I use the visual (WYSIWYG) mode for creating/editing posts), I thought I’d try switching to aforementioned mode for a while, when creating posts.

Having done so, I’ve just noticed there are a few more buttons available in TinyMCE’s editor than before.

Hmm, no Russian option in the WP spell checker list, but then I use Firefox anyway so no issue with spell checking anyway. Combine that with the fact that my written Russian skills are obviously outstanding, and no problem, obviously 😉

Oh, insert custom code looks like it save me from pressing the Windows Flag+R and then typing charmap a few times, and the embedded media button looks interesting. I’ll have to try having a play with it later. If the blog suddenly appears borked, you’ll know why…

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