Oct 13 2008

Last Year’s Kitten Has Her Own

Category: Dasha&KittensChrisM @ 9:05 pm

Last year Dasha had a kitten, the little sister of our Karra and Muska. She (Tishka), in turn, had her own couple of bundles of joy last week. As Olympiada (more to follow on the re-assignment of her original name) has just been given away, it was nice that these two kittens came along and replenished stocks 🙂
They are called Nushka and Simeon.

Nushka, Simeon, Tishka and Dasha

Nushka, Simeon, Tishka and Dasha

As this is Tishka’s first litter, she was at first a little uncertain as to exactly what she was supposed to do with these miniature versions of her. Dasha (the kitten’s grandmother), was eager to try and help, and can often be found giving a tongue bath to all three of them!

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