Jul 29 2009

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:27 pm

OK, so another five posts with Anna’s photos are already written, and spread out (already scheduled for publishing) until this Friday. That leaves about another two weeks, at the current rate, until the blog is finally up to date with her pictures. Once that has been achieved, and the posts are off the front page, I intend to go back and alter the dates each post appears on, so that the actual day of the photo matches the day the post appears to have been published. Then I can go ahead and set up the auto inserting of Anna’s Photo’s posts to her site, and not worry about having to change the date and time stamps two sets of posts across two sites.
There are already a few videos uploaded to YouTube that I’ll need to post, which just leaves transferring via firewire the footage taken on DV camcorders, rather than the movies shot on Ira’s photo camera, of Anna in Britain and here in Kazakhstan. Once transferred, I’ll need to run an inverse telecine filter (which reminds me, it looks as though BBC World News needs that on my PCI satellite card(!?)), and probably compress using a codec, to keep within YouTube’s file size limit. Most likely that will wait until the pictures are complete at least.

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