Sep 18 2011

Ask @PayPal to join the fight …

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Ask @PayPal to join the fight against anti- #LGBT extremism and cut off hate groups #AllOut4Equality

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Jul 10 2008

The Importance Of Keeping Records

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Since I started earning money online, I’ve kept an accurate log – which jobs I took with which company, on which day, and how much I should be paid. I finally decided to match up everything with my PayPal records. As waiting for PayPal’s server to transmit the requested info each time gets annoying, I decided to download the records in CSV format and compare info from one spreadsheet to another. (BTW, if you find PayPal times out due to you asking for all records at once in CSV format, just split the years in two, you can easily amalgamate them all later.)
Surprise surprise, Bloggerwave turn out to owe me $70 still, and a private arrangement I made last year has still not been completed. I have sent out e-mails and in Bloggerwave’s case, sent a duplicate notice through their contact form. I hope they pay up soon, I’d much rather they took the easy route…


Feb 21 2008

Tickets Are Arriving Soon :)

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For our upcoming trip to Britain and Amsterdam, we ended up finding the cheapest deal was to buy tickets from two separate suppliers (travel o city and ex pedia (without the spaces, but I’m not giving them free keyword advertising without knowing how their service turns out first 😉 )).
Anyway, one supplier just sent an e-ticket, as is normal, however the other decided we couldn’t pick up the tickets from our airport, or have handy e-tickets, so we had to pay an extra 60/70 pounds to get them DHLed. DHL have just phoned Ira, and stated that the courier is on his way, so in a few minutes, I’ll hopefully have the tickets for TSE>FRA>AMS AMS>AMA>TSE (Astana – Frankfurt – Amsterdam and the return trip of Amsterdam – Almaty (the old capital, still better served by international flights) – Astana) in my hands. The AMS – CDF and later CDF – AMS (Amsterdam to Cardiff, Wales and return) tickets were electronic, so they are already sorted.
As the apartment owner in Amsterdam has already confirmed receipt of the required deposit via PayPal, this trip is slowly coming together 🙂 Just Ira’s visas for Britain and the Netherlands (a schengen visa) left now. If only Kazakhstan would accept dual citizenship, such holidays would have been so much simpler if we both had UK passports. There you go

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