Nov 07 2006

High-Quality Futon Mattresses and Frame

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 6:15 pm – Futons are pointless without the right type of mattress


Nov 06 2006

Just How Durable Are Air Mattresses?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 10:01 pm

The title says it all –


Nov 05 2006

How Old Should You Be Before You Buy A Loft Bed?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 9:05 pm – A monumental time in the life of any toddler is moving from a crib or child’s bed to a ‘proper’ bed…


Nov 04 2006

Adjustable Beds FAQ …

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:26 pm -Add more support and comfort to your adjustable bed with an adjustable mattress.


Nov 03 2006

How To Buy Quality Bedding…

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:15 pm

Cheap bedding is a false economy –

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Nov 02 2006

How To Buy A New Mattress – Things You Really Must Know

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:37 pm – Breakdown of what to look for when you need a new mattress


Nov 01 2006

How to Choose a Futon Mattress

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:36 pm – I used to think a futon would be uncomfortable, but since Alex lent us hers, I discovered just how practical they were


Oct 31 2006

How to Choose a Log Bunk Bed

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:07 pm – If you have two people who need a bed, but will not be sleeping together then click on the link to get all the information you need


Oct 30 2006

How To Choose A Good Camping Bed

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:10 pm – Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. But, nothing will spoil your enjoyment more than a bad nights sleep

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Oct 30 2006

How to Choose a Memory Foam Mattress

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:03 pm

Interested? – If you enjoy the softness of a traditional, coil-spring mattress, but also need the back support of good, solid carpeted floor, then read on.


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