Oct 29 2011

New Looks, New Site, New Mashup

Category: Amsterdam,PersonalChrisM @ 12:42 am

CeltPhotographic has had a redesign, it now uses a theme geared towards people like John who publish a lot of photos in their posts. I think I’ll be re-using the theme on Anna and Tim’s sites.
Which reminds me, I’m not sure if I’ve already mentioned it on this blog, but Tim has his own site, like Anna, which can be found at TimMerriman.com. Like his big sister’s it automatically pulls photos and videos of Anna or Tim from this blog and then re-publishes them.
I have also added a new map to the Amsterdam page. It uses a KML file of the coffeeshops I recommend visiting and zooms in a little (if you scroll around, you’ll find a few more in more outlying areas.) FWIIW, I’ve not updated the research since 2008/9 really.

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