Apr 06 2012

Strange Boxes On Your Site?

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 12:31 am

I’m busy repairing/reinstalling a few different PCs right now, so excuse the condensed format of this post, but if you run a WordPress based site, and have just noticed two strange boxes (transparent frames in this case) appearing on your page, you may want to check if you have the ShareThis plugin installed. If so, temporarily at least, untick the facebook like option. Not sure if this is a fb API change, or if share this have altered the javascript called from within the plugin, but once the fb like button is not requested, the annoying frames seem to disappear.
Thanks to Ira for bringing the issue to my attention 🙂

It seems others have noticed it too – see the ShareThis forum here.

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Oct 28 2006

Fixed Issue With IE6 Users Viewing This Site

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:11 pm

I’ve previously mentioned that if people use Internet Explorer 6 (rather than FireFox, or IE7) to view this site, they will not see what is intended. I’ve now discovered what caused the 2nd sidebar column to ‘slip’ down the page, below the bottom of the 1st sidebar. It was when a site with a long URL was listed in the ‘We’re Linked From…’ section on the right.
I’ve now removed the original widget, found the JavaScript code to use from www.wholinked.com , and inserted it in a King Text widget. Problem solved.
One day I’ll move onto why the default FireFox extension for viewing online videos (WMVs in this case) results in a loss of audio/video sync, whereas WMP or off-line viewing displays no such errors.
Also created a proper 404 page this week, as I noticed some sites were using incorrect URLs to link to entries on this site, and the original error page wasn’t very useful. To check it out, enter in this site’s name, then invent a page, for example, you could try www.chrismerriman.com/THISpageDOESnotEXIST.htm or www.chrismerriman.com/ABCDEFGH.php etc. etc.

[EDIT] And, thanks, but there is no need to leave a comment that the links don’t work, as requested in the error page – save it for links that are SUPPOSED to open real pages ;>

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