Mar 10 2008

Rain And High Winds Hit Southern UK

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How are people? For those readers not in the UK, the south of the country is currently being hit by quite a bad serious of storms. Click on over here for a BBC report on it so far.

Lyme Regis Getty Storms Wind Rain Britain March 2008 Lyme Regis Getty Storms Wind Rain Britain March 2008 Pembrokeshire Storms Wind Rain Britain March 2008

Winchester Storms Wind Rain Crushed Car Tree Britain March 2008

So, if you have a moment (and electricity and a working phone line 🙂 ), leave a comment, let us know if your area was affected by the 80mph+ winds or the rain and resulting flood waters.

Cheltenham Race Course Damage Storms Wind Rain Crushed Car Tree Britain March 2008

As you can see from that last photo Cheltenham’s famous race course was hit by the winds, with some of the temporary structures in place for the National Hunt damaged. Swansea was also effected, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and phone around friends and family…

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Aug 28 2007

Severn Trent Responds To Criticism

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Check the IGotLucky page linked to at the top for a few links to posts on the recent flooding my home country (and in fact home county) had. The water was cut off for a while, and even when turned on, was not suitable for washing in or drinking, even if boiled. The problem was that a water treatment plant was flooded, and as flood waters are not at all clean, this meant serious repairs were needed.
Anyway, the BBC has an article detailing some of the criticism levelled at Severn Trent Water, and their response to it. Basically, a lack of communication was a major issue residents felt, and the response to the emergency did not seem at well planned out. Hopefully the company now has better contingency plans, should flooding occur again.

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Jul 26 2007

Glos Flood Webcams

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I seem to have a huge surge in visitors, specifically searching for webcams covering the areas affected by the recent flooding.
For some reason is #1 on Google for both webcam glos tewksbury and tewksbury flooding webcam .
As I don’t actually have any links to these sorts of webcams, I thought I would find a couple. As it is currently dark in Britain, I can not tell how useful the following cameras are, but unlike a few others I found, they do appear to be updated very often. The first is Nailsworth Weather Webcam, and the second is a Morten-in-Marsh webcam.
The only Tewksbury (England) webcams I could find had not been updated in days, in one case, not since May!

Anyway, for those people who arrive at this site looking for flooding pictures, check below, for those looking for non-static images, check the links above.

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Jun 09 2007

Tornado near the Caspian Sea 7th June 2007

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Irina sent me a few photos on Friday, of a tornado on the Caspian Sea, not sure where exactly.
I would happily give credit to the photographer, but we don’t know who took them. We are assuming it was a worker for some sort of oil-related company based over there.
The tornado is quite visually impressive, click the images below to see a larger version. If anyone is particularly interested in them, I have higer-res versions for the 2nd and 3rd shots – the online versions have been resized and compressed to save my server’s bandwidth.
Tornado near the Caspian Sea 07062007 1st Shot

Tornado near the Caspian Sea 07062007 2nd Shot

Tornado near the Caspian Sea 07062007 3rd Shot

In this picture, you can see a second tornado, so perhaps cyclic tornadogenesis has taken place – yes OK, I went and Wiki’ed tornadoes, as I didn’t want to appear too ignorant 🙂

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