Jan 15 2012

Amsterdam – 5th January

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I’m going to write a few posts and include a few of the photos from last week’s Amsterdam trip. As this post is focused on the 1st day of the trip, it should have details of getting into the Netherlands at just past midday, a smooth journey into Central station, meeting ChrisB and checking into our houseboat, and meeting online friends in real life.

Unfortunately, the first flight was cancelled. This meant potentially hanging around Cardiff International Airport for six hours or so. Luckily, John came back to take me out for a pub lunch. Upon my return, I was once more ready to go with my hand luggage packed tight, tickets to hand etc. etc. Once again, it was not to be, as Schipol airport was still having weather problems, and not accepting any flights from Cardiff that day. This left me a little peeved off, and KLM put me into a taxi to get to Heathrow for their last flight to Amsterdam. Even with clear roads it would have been pushing it, but I was a little late arriving to Heathrow. However, as there were a lot of delayed flights, I didn’t end up missing it.

Finally I got into Amsterdam with most of Thursday gone, but at least I was there! Skipping the planned tram card and local SIM card sourcing, I dumped my bags at a locker in Central Station, and used TomTom to ensure I was wandering in the right direction for Nes – where I had arranged to meet ChrisB (and in fact where I had arranged to meet some friends from the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory a lot earlier in the day). Although Nes allows smoking in their bar, they don’t sell anything to smoke, just alcohol. ChrisB had been talking to a few people though, and one of them had gifted us a little something to tide us over until the morning. After a few beers and vodkas to sooth my frayed nerves, ChrisB pointed out the way to our houseboat, and a few hours later, we were both sleeping on a gently bobbing boat.

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Jan 10 2012

On plane to Cardiff. Great tim…

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On plane to Cardiff. Great time in Amsterdam bar false start… Good to see old friends and new…

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Mar 27 2009

Anna’s Adopted Tree And Torchwood

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Dad came over again to see Anna on the 27th March, and we went to pick a tree in a newly planted forest-to-be that Anna’s Great Aunty Chris (on Dad’s side) had adopted on her behalf. After we all managed to meet up (which reminds me, I still need to find a good recommendation for a GPS unit for Dad), we took Anna’s pushchair off the beaten track for the first time, and found the saplings (is that the right term? Baby trees basically). Having marked off the exact point on TomTom, we took a few photos, went for a walk around the countryside in that area, and then went off to find a nice place to have a pub lunch. After that we headed into Cardiff, as despite family living there, Irina and I hadn’t been around the city at all, and I’d not been to the bay area at all since it has been redeveloped. Once there, we had to take the obligatory photos next to one of the fictional entrances to the Torchwood Institute, went for another wander, then had a nice drink by the sea.
In years to come, I hope we can take Anna back to the forest, and show her the tree slowly maturing into a unique feature, just as she will 🙂

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Jul 16 2008

Too Much RAM?

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Nick Boing The Ram, Cardiff In David Palmer's House

Sorry, feel free to think of a better post title and leave it in the comments section 🙂

So why has a photographer placed a huge sheep (is a sheep that is male only referred to as a ram, or can it still be labelled as a sheep?) in some poor soul’s home? Simple, he didn’t… Nick Boing The Ram actually lives in David Palmer’s house. He was found as a lamb in the Cardiff area, and decided not to leave. Before any animal rights activists get ready to start protesting, the family have tried on multiple occasions to re-home Nick to a more traditional setting, but he doesn’t want to re-assimilate. Check out the BBC report for more details.

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Apr 28 2008

Left A Bit, Right A Bit

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As I previously mentioned, most of the blog posts from 19th April – 5th May have been pre-written (with the timestamp suitable altered), as I’ll not have as much time to write these out. We should hopefully be in Britain (having spent six days in Amsterdam) by the time this post appears, and we’ll have already been on three planes (Astana>Frankfurt>Amsterdam>Cardiff). Fingers crossed, none of our landings will be the like the following two videos 🙂

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Feb 21 2008

Tickets Are Arriving Soon :)

Category: Amsterdam,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 1:23 pm

For our upcoming trip to Britain and Amsterdam, we ended up finding the cheapest deal was to buy tickets from two separate suppliers (travel o city and ex pedia (without the spaces, but I’m not giving them free keyword advertising without knowing how their service turns out first 😉 )).
Anyway, one supplier just sent an e-ticket, as is normal, however the other decided we couldn’t pick up the tickets from our airport, or have handy e-tickets, so we had to pay an extra 60/70 pounds to get them DHLed. DHL have just phoned Ira, and stated that the courier is on his way, so in a few minutes, I’ll hopefully have the tickets for TSE>FRA>AMS AMS>AMA>TSE (Astana – Frankfurt – Amsterdam and the return trip of Amsterdam – Almaty (the old capital, still better served by international flights) – Astana) in my hands. The AMS – CDF and later CDF – AMS (Amsterdam to Cardiff, Wales and return) tickets were electronic, so they are already sorted.
As the apartment owner in Amsterdam has already confirmed receipt of the required deposit via PayPal, this trip is slowly coming together 🙂 Just Ira’s visas for Britain and the Netherlands (a schengen visa) left now. If only Kazakhstan would accept dual citizenship, such holidays would have been so much simpler if we both had UK passports. There you go

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May 12 2007

My Brother Hits The Front Page…

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and not even for a student prank back firing or anything!

I should probably explain he is on a Journalism course down in Cornwall, but has spent a week working at the Western Mail in Cardiff for work experience. Last week they had elections in Wales, and Nick wrote an article for the paper, that made it to the main page. (The front page itself was just the results in large print, no actual articles).

He is now in Bristol for work experience at the GWR radio station, so good luck to him there.

This is a recent photo of him and Roz, his girlfriend.
Nick and Roz

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