Oct 15 2008

2D TV Style Prediction

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 5:47 pm

OK, to my American readers, apologies, as this post’s title probably doesn’t make a great deal of sense. 2D TV was an ITV satirical show in the same vein as Spitting Image, but portrayed with animation instead of puppets. What do you mean “Spitting Image… Whats that?” go and Google/Wiki away your ignorance 🙂 I’ll wait.

Good, then I’ll continue. Anyway, the following was found on 236.com, and is supposed to be an idea of what would happen in the oval office, should McCain and Palin win the upcoming election.

My thanks to 236 for not making it difficult to embed their work on this site, just a quick view source was enough to find the relevant code, and no amendments were needed for once.

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Mar 13 2008

Let Me In

Category: Dasha&Kittens,VideosChrisM @ 7:16 pm

Check out the Up Late post for the last animation I posted from the same artist. This one involves the same cat trying to get in through a door.

I’m definitely not showing these clips to our kittens. hmmm, when are they kittens no longer, but cats? Ours are 18 months old now. Anyway, we have already had to start putting tin foil on top of a door that Karra uses to leap frog onto a kitchen unit top. She gets stuck up there, and other than the obvious worry of her getting hurt, there are also a lot of crystal wine and shot glasses on the same unit.

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Nov 15 2007

Up Late

Category: Dasha&Kittens,Kazakh Driving,Personal,Videos,WordPressChrisM @ 5:32 am

My lessons for the rest of this week were cancelled on Wednesday, as the student is busy organizing his relocation to Moscow. This means less money coming in, so I have tried to catch up with a few more sponsored posts. Karra and Muska are a little confused, as since I started giving conversational English classes, my bed times had been closer to midnight than 6am. They have wandered in and out of the living room a few times, demanding strokes, and eventually giving up, to return to the bedroom. Hopefully they’ve not woken Irina up.
Anyway, the following animation was posted to my Facebook funwall, it portrays one cat’s not so subtle attempts to wake its owner.

I think I will check for any blunt objects near the bed before sleeping tonight 😉

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Apr 18 2007

Long Time Over Due…

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:47 pm

I was recently (Ok, a while ago now, I’m a little behind with my ‘For Follow Up” e-mails) contacted by a school friend I hadn’t heard from in about 20 years, through FriendsReunited.

He is an artist, and has his own site – DailyDale.

His main work revolves around animation and cartoons.

Check out his site, and leave a comment on his forum if you feel like it.
Or leave a comment here, and I’ll pass it on.
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