Jun 19 2009

XKCD Again

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:48 am

OK, so I still like the dual booting desktop > swimming in shark infested seas strip (see here) and duty calls the best, but the latest output from Randall Munroe seems pretty appropriate to this household. Click the thumbnail below to see the comic in its full glory.

Internet Addiction

If you check out his blog/blag, you’ll see he decided not to dally with netbooks in the end, as his Android based phone enables him to SSH on the move, so he replaced his old laptop with a … … laptop!

I never got around to seeing what sort of quality I’d get by taking the PNG for DualBoot or Someone Is Wrong comics to a t-shirt printing shop back in Britain, maybe next Christmas? (I’d like to point out I’d gladly support the author and buy one in his shop, but those comics haven’t yet made it onto cotton).

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