Jun 03 2009

Suggestions For Kazakhstan – Part I

Category: KazakhstanChrisM @ 8:05 pm

This is the first part of a series of posts on things that have occurred to me since moving back here to Astana…

Not all of us chose something like a Bob stroller when it came to the time to choose transportation for our babies, so if Astana’s Akimat (Mayor basically), could see his way to ensuring that the kerb stones and pavements, at least on the major roads, were easily accessible for pushchairs (and wheelchairs when it comes down to it), life would be a lot easier for some people. Currently, pavements (sidewalks (?) I believe for any American readers often have kerbs that are higher than the pavement, dropping down to a road that is lower than the pavement. Assuming the font used on this blog doesn’t mangle my ASCII stick art too badly, this is what you end up with … _|- … an un-necessarily large drop, with a fence like kerb in the middle. If these could be altered to something like _/ , so a slope was involved, then moving around would be less of a problem, and prams would last longer.

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