Apr 02 2010

Suggestions For Kazakhstan – Part II

Category: KazakhstanChrisM @ 4:54 pm

OK, ten months later than intended, here the series continues from the first instalment.
I’m staying out of the political (OSCE chairmanship, laughable implementation of “democracy” (whether you use the Western definition or not), political prisoners etc.) side of things, as I don’t want the renewal of my permission to stay in the country to be questioned next year.
So, on a more personal level, first things first… Whoever decided that private individuals (as opposed to companies etc.) should only be allowed one international parcel to be received per month, please realise this is a ridiculous law. So stupid, we weren’t even aware of it until this week, when we wondered why only one out of two DHL parcels from Britain had turned up. Strangely enough, if you pay customs a lot of money (around the price it took to send the box over here in the first place!) then you can have more than one a month. We also need to pay DHL again, as they say to deliver it to Astana, once Customs in Almaty release it, will be another chargeable service – despite our initial payment including that leg of the journey. OK, so I’m drifting off national policies into company’s customer service attitudes differing in different continents here, and the other suggestions will be a little more wide-ranging, and involve less infrequent occurrences.

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