Oct 08 2009

Speeching English Is Easy, Innit?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:32 pm

Due to a friend already having an overloaded diary when it comes to teaching English over here in Astana, I will hopefully have a couple of new pupils soon. Although there are obviously a lot of Russians and Kazakhs that teach English as a foreign language here in Kazakhstan, there are not that many native English speakers with enough free time to have live chats, to try and improve the language skills of a pupil who has often not conversed with someone who speaks English as their first language.
I’ll obviously not be posting their personal details, but they work at KazMunayTeniz, which should look pretty good on my résumé, as my previous pupils have been school age or retired pilots etc. Whilst it was interesting teaching them, to teach people from a state run company should add a few brownie points 🙂

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