Nov 28 2006

Some Odd Videos

Category: Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 4:06 pm

The same thing happens if you punch into a bowl of thick custard….

Secondly we have proof that people will do almost anything when a camera & alcohol is involved….

Finally we have an advert from Zimbabwe….
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NOTE : No nudity in the clips above, but the last two aren’t really suitable for small children.
Oh and I hope this message isn’t necessary for any of my readers, but don’t try the Tazer thing at home…
Thanks To Mr Owen, my Physics teacher at Pates Grammar School, Cheltenham for the custard trick. Also for showing science could be interesting and letting me & Alex bicker without too many interruptions :>
NOTE 2 : I don’t get paid for these videos by the way, in case anyone who reads the link below the 3rd video was watching, you get paid if you upload a video yourself, rather than link to them. I might look into it, but for now just thought the above videos might amuse people…

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