Sep 07 2007

Seeing Clearly

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:45 am

When I first visited Kazakhstan, I looked a little different to how I do now. I believe I kept most of my ear rings in at the time, and there was certainly a little more hair left at the front of my head 😉
Whilst here, I was wandering around a local mall, and found a glasses shop (as in they sold glasses, but weren’t opticians, unlike a lot of UK based shops.) In the shop, I found some great cosmetic contact lenses – atomic symbols, obviously with a hole for your pupil to see out of 🙂 When I got back to Britain, I saved them for going out to clubs and parties, however they eventually dried out and cracked up. I still occasionally think about buying some more, but as my club hopping days are over, and such extravagances are not especially appreciated in this nation, I think I will just have to write them off as an interesting phase…

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