Nov 20 2010

Seb’s Trance Playlist

Category: Friends,Personal,VideosChrisM @ 2:41 am

Just a very short post, passing on our friend Seb’s great YouTube Trance video playlist. Quite a few of the tracks don’t have real music videos, but I still think it is worth just letting it play in the background on another tab, as I’ve done whilst writing tonight’s posts. Thanks Seb, some of these tunes bought back great memories, and it was good to know what a few of them were actually called. We all look forward to seeing you again around Christmas time, when we will be back in the UK. Which reminds me, I need to think about updating the MP3s on my phone and thumb drives, I’m getting bored of listening to the same tracks over and over whilst walking to work…

This is the first time I’ve tried embedding a playlist from YouTube, please do leave a comment if it behaves strangely.

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