Oct 01 2008

Russian Soldier Exiled For Video

Category: In The Media,VideosChrisM @ 2:26 pm

I’ve just read an article over at the BBC news web site about a soldier who recorded a cover of the Eminem (featuring Dido) track Stan. In much the same way as the original features a disgruntled young man writing a letter, the soldier’s was supposed to be a letter to the minister of defence , regarding the unsavoury conditions fellow soldiers had to endure, despite previous assurances that living conditions would improve. It would appear that he became frustrated to the lack of a reply to a previous conventional letter, and so wrote (possibly in May 2008?) a new ? ?????? ?? ??? ???????? ??????? in the form of a video uploaded to RuTube.ru .
In case you want to watch the full video, here it is…

It looks as though relying on Google to translate ‘a letter to the minister of defense’ (or defence, depending on which variant of English you use 🙂 ) was a little inaccurate, as the video is simply titled ?????? ???????? ??????? .

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