Jul 20 2007

Room Temperatures Of Plus 30!

Category: WeatherChrisM @ 4:44 am

One thing about living in Kazakhstan is the extreme of temperatures – between Summer at its hottest, and Winter at its coldest, there is around 80 degrees (centigrade) difference! (In case you wondered, around plus 40 to minus 40).
So, right now, an electric blanket is truly the last thing on my mind, in fact we are still hoping to have an air conditioner installed this year.
However, come winter, they would certainly be something worth considering to warm up the bed for Ira before she goes to sleep.
Luckily, there is a site that enables you to not only find the lowest prices for top brand accessories – from electric blankets to mitre saws, from summer dresses to briefcases, but also read reviews on them.

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