Jul 21 2011

Rivere Restaurant

Category: Eating Out,Friends,Personal,Pictures,VideosChrisM @ 3:38 pm

This post will have both pictures and videos in it, unlike Anna-based posts, as it won’t be imported to her own blog automatically, and so categories won’t cause duplication. Back in early July last year, Ira and I met up with Walton and Assel at the summer cafe section of the Rivere restaurant, within Astana park. We had a great evening, with good food, tasty baccy in the hubbly-bubbly and entertainment from a couple of singers.
I had already been there for a couple of World Cup (football/soccer) matches with some good friends, so knew the service was good. The prices are a little high, and I’d not want to be there during a heavy rainstorm, but if you have run out of places to try in Astana, it is worth a visit.

As far as I can remember, I only posted some pictures and videos taken on my phone last year, not from a proper camera. Anyway, here are some clips…