Dec 20 2009

Remote Control Motivation

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As you`ll know from the previous posts, Anna was already happy not only pulling herself up to a standing position, but also walking around a little. However, she had not really decided that crawling forwards was worth a lot of effort. Backwards crawling mixed with rolling from front to back and so on seemed to get her where she wanted. Around the the time these videos were shot (1st November), we discovered the best way to encourage a more normal direction of travel whilst crawling were the plethora of remote controls that hang around our TV stand, begging for interaction. Irina cleaned them all properly first, and we made sure all battery covers were properly secure, and then let Anna play. We did initially try telling her NO when it came to play with the controllers, but this only seemed to add to the thrill of grabbing them when we were not looking and then crawling off with them. We are hoping that allowing supervised play (with a battery removed if we are actually watching something at the time) will lead to eventual boredom with them.
So we tried the same whilst in Chubary, and shot these videos for posterity. You can also see Anna has improved her reaction times and co-ordination already, as she slips whilst leaning on the toy horse seat, and manages to catch herself before hitting the floor or kitten 🙂
Oh, and in case you have noticed the last few posts have no abbreviations, I am typing these from the laptop, remote controlling into a PC at the in-laws. I am remoting in because Anna is starting to wake up through the night again, when we are not at home, and if I am clicking away on the PC, it lets her know someone is awake, and it is worth her crying until someone plays with her. The lack of apostrophes? This is down to who knows what, but if I type one on the laptop keyboard, it comes out as a ` on the upstairs PC. Why not just type on the laptop onto the dashboard for this blog directly? Because I need to move files on the hard drive around after each post, and the hard drive is currently misbehaving, I don`t want to risk disconnecting it right now.
Enough of the long winded unnecessary explanations, onto the videos.

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