Feb 24 2007

Recent Plugin Additions, Chimps Go Hunting And Kazakh Crap Items For Sale

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Recently added to this blog, plugin and widget wise, is

Do Follow – Allow commenters own sites to get the juice they deserve :>
PostPost – A way of automatically adding content (in my case adverts) after your posts. (Also has a lot of other options available)
WordPress Related Links – I’m still not 100% on whether to keep this one or not. It adds links to related sites at the end of my posts. Will have to monitor sometime, and check it isn’t just earning someone else a lot of money from my drivel :>
Google Sitemaps – I’ve had this installed since the first day this blog existed, but never got round to using it for some reason. As I had to re-create all my article web sites, and so re-submit their site maps, I decided to give this plug in a go.
Cloudy – Finally, a plugin & widget that does what I need, without having to remember to edit some PHP next time I wipe a file accidentally. The word cloud you can now see on the right, in the second column, is the result.

Chimpanzee seen ‘hunting’ with weapon

Chimpanzee seen ‘hunting’ with weapon

DES MOINES, Iowa — Researchers report witnessing a chimpanzee skewering a tree creature for supper with a spearlike tool, a rare observation of a long-studied primate in the wild.

“It’s not uncommon to have chimps use tools. But to use them in the context of hunting” is nearly unheard of, said Jill Pruetz, an anthropology professor from Iowa State University who led the research team.

Finally, Google Base (their replacement for Froogle, I think) turns up this assortment of Kazakh related items for sale.

PS Think that is the longest title I’ve used so far, but couldn’t think of a more succint way to put it.

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